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Meet Khloe! She and her mate, Kohle, were owner surrendered to a shelter. Kohle was adopted, and Khloe now lives with Diania’s nephew!

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Wilhelmina Maxine

Introducing Wilhemina Maxine, aka, Mini Max! Mini is an elder little girl taken in from another rescue. She had multiple medical issues including severe tracheal collapse, history of cardiac disease, … Continue reading

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Meet Matilda. She was rescued by us and went immediately into foster. She was abandoned at the shelter and is completely blind. She needed extensive surgery for many widespread mammary … Continue reading

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Say hello to Kane! He is an elder with advanced dementia. He went straight into foster. Kane is in decline. His foster family is very concerned about his mobility and … Continue reading

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Say hi to Houston! I found him sick and very weak close to the rescue. He could not even stand up. Emergency care found him to be emaciated, dehydrated, HW+, … Continue reading

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This is Maxwell, or Max! Age is hard to judge but he’s definitely an elder. He’s small and has lived his life as an outside dog!!!!! Owner surrendered him to … Continue reading

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This little one is Daisy. I am told she was found on street alone, brought to shelter. She’s very tiny and emaciated. She elder, not spayed and has mammary tumors. … Continue reading

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Lil Girl

┬áLil Girl and Chloe were pulled from a high kill shelter. She was the most delicate baby I have ever had. When picked up I always feared I’d crush a … Continue reading

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Tina was found as a beat up, scared stray. She had mange and scares all over her and very thin. It did not take long for her to respond to … Continue reading

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