Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary

Meet Molly Beth!

Mollybeth is a new baby. We’ve had her since the end of June. She is an older girl, in poor shape, who was surrendered to the city shelter to be euthanized. Rosie’s medical foster alerted me to her and asked to pull for us. I agreed on the condition that she would foster Molly. And so another has joined our little family.Thanks to Dr. Donna Kleinpeter, our most adored, capable and cooperative vet, Molly had a good exam and discovered multiple problems. She’s 9 years, blind, bad skin, bad teeth, bladder stones and suspected Cushing’s (turned out to be a borderline case). She also has some GI issues. She had her bladder surgery and a dental. Then saw our eye specialist (severe, untreated dry eye) and seems to have some vision…no surgery required. Her skin has responded well to treatment. She is still with Leslie, her medical foster and is doing much better. There has been a need to see our vet several times but are getting on top her problems as they arise. She is now on a special diet, probiotics, and Reglan for her GI problems and bladder care. She’s on daily eye drops and is still getting skin care. She’s a very sweet, loving girl who loves being right by her person.

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This entry was posted on August 24, 2021 by in Fostering Saves Lives, General Updates, Meet our Babies.
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