Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


IMG_5854Like my fur Mom, Lucy, I am blind, have glaucoma and heart worms. Our last owners did not take very good care of us. But I am getting better and am very happy to be in sanctuary. My new Mom just adores my sweet ways.

Update: Hope under went heart worm treatment and just had her six month follow up. She is now heart worm negative and very healthy. We continue to treat her severe glaucoma and hope that we can stabilize her.

Hope amazes and inspires me everyday. Watching her you would never guess she is blind. She runs, plays, keeps up with the other residents and never hesitates in her movements. She is one awesome little girl!

Update, May 2018: We recently had Hope and her Mom Lucy evaluated at the eye specialist. Hope has a hypo plastic optic nerve (genetic) and her vision cannot be corrected. However, the vet seems to think that she may have some peripheral shadow vision. And he feels that she does not have glaucoma. We still treat for dry eye and monitor her pressures.

Hope and Lucy are very bonded and will need to stay together. Both are high functioning despite the eye conditions.


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