Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


We lost Pebbles in the afternoon on 10/2/21. Her little damaged heart and bad lungs just could not longer sustain her. Strange that she died in the same way that we lost her baby, Toodie, a while ago. Pebbles has been grieving her baby so at least they are reuniting. But its still heartbreaking.
Pebbles was introduced with her baby Toodie. This is an update.

Pebbles has done remarkably well. When she came into sanctuary she was very nervous, timid and afraid of people. Now she is a very happy little social butterfly. Her vision is impaired and she has a heart murmur, both requiring medication, but she is active and does not seem to be limited.

Update 2018: Pebbles was recently evaluated for cataract surgery and she is not a candidate. She and Toodie both have a genetic condition that prevents successful repair. But she is doing very well. She’s a happy little momma who carefully watches over her baby.


These are pictures of Pebbles upon intake & then after her first grooming.

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