Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


Hi, I’m Heidi, the star of the house! I was found abandoned with an old traumatic injury that left me paralyzed. But that doesn’t stop me…I run and play with all the other residents. I am very happy to be a sanctuary baby. I get spa baths everyday with therapy and love all the attention. Yep, I have a good life!

Update: Heidi has been on regular antibiotic therapy. Infections are not uncommon in paralyzed dogs. Recent tests indicate she now has a e coli in her bladder. Her meds have been changed and she will be monitored closely.

Heidi continues to amaze and inspire all who meet her. She is a precious baby full of life and love. We are lucky to have her in sanctuary.

Update, May 2018: Heidi has had some problem with hemmoraghic gastritis and prolapsed rectum. Surgery would be a death sentence so we monitor closely and treat as needed. She is now on a special diet and probiotics. She has the most wonderful personality.









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