Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary

Meet Casper!

I was notified about Casper and asked if he could come to us. I was told he had a bad neck wound (seemed to be from another animal), was blind, seemed older than posted and no one wanted him. So, he joined our little family on June 24.His exam at vet was really good. He was younger than first thought. He did not even need a dental….vet rare for any I take in. The wound on his neck was almost healed. He had no medical problems…all good organs. And he had some vision impaired only by cataracts. He did have a bacterial skin infection which responded well to medicated baths.Once here he was very shy and kept to himself. I suppose after his experience he may have been intimidated by living with many other dogs.Once his skin was better he was examined by Dr. Van Brunt, the eye specialist. He had his cataract surgery and recovered beautifully. And he was so good getting all the eye drops…5 meds, four times a day.After his last post op check up a sister rescue asked to take him over. Well, my dear friend, Stephanie, who has been so helpful in getting the pups to Mandeville appointments when she can, found a wonderful foster who is also a vet tec who will take over his care. He left for a new life yesterday afternoon. Tired Dog Rescue in Gulfport will find him a wonderful forever family. Casper is a wonderful little baby. He’s about 15#, maybe around 6 years and sweet and quiet as could be. He was just begining to wag his tail and make his way around a bit. It was so rewarding to see him regain his sight. Please check out TDR FB page if you may be interested in adding him to your family.

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