Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


Meet Matty! This girl is seven years old and was found as a stray with over three pounds of matted fur on her, hence her name. She was brought to us with several mammary tumors. We had them removed, got her spayed, and did a general exam. With several incisions on her belly, she’ll be in the hospital for a couple of weeks before she can be brought home. She is an extremely sweet girl and seems to be generally just enjoying life and happy about everything!

On Dec 13 we lost both Maddie and Mini Max.

Maddie had been struggling for a while with her left heart failure and her respiratory issues. She was seen again by MedVet doctors and had several visits with our vet, Dr. Donna Kleinpeter. On 12/12 she was really struggling. Even with oxygen her respiratory rate was around 160 and the struugle was hard to watch. After discussion, I realized there was no path back so she was humanely slept as I whisper to her what a priviledge and honor it was to love and care for her.

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