Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


Many years ago this precious soul wasn’t surrendered to Cindy Hunt, the wonderful leader of AAVA rescue. Desi had lived her whole life in a rabbit hutch as a breeder dog. She was so neglected that the owner didn’t even know she had a neurological problem until she bore a pup with the same genetic condition. She was temporarily fostered until I could receive her. She required a lot of medical care and was restored to her optimal health. Nothing could be done for her cerebral problem, but OMG, she taught us all so much about fighting the fight and never giving up! What an inspiration!!!!!!! Her balance was so bad and she fell a great deal. She would rest for a minute then just get right back up! She played, tried to run and was just enjoying her life. She had never learned to protect her head when falling in the hutch. So I fashioned a helmet for her from a tennis ball!. So adorable!!!! But she didn’t need it for long. She was a quick learner!For sure she was destined to be a sanctuary baby…WRONG! A couple saw her and just fell in love! With the help of a breed specific rescue in the north who knew this couple well she was soon on her way going first class with a wonderful volunteer airline stewardess. I will never forget that day! She got lots of love in attention in the airport. Even strangers couldn’t help but love her!She had a wonderful, loving life with her new parents. Unfortunately they had to move over seas for his job. They loved Desi enough to not put her through the extensive quarantine process so surrendered her back to me.It wasn’t long that her original foster volunteered to foster again. In a very short time we realized she had found her forever. Desi had lived a very long life receiving tons of love and good medical care. Her little body was failing her and she had fewer and fewer good days. Her family misses her SO much as do I. She has not been with me for a long time but will always be one of my favorites and one that taught me some valuable life lessons.

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This entry was posted on March 2, 2021 by in Memorials.
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