Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


IMG_0896I am an elder girl and sadly ended up in a kill shelter because my family thought I was going blind and had seizures. Turns out I am not blind and I do not have seizures. Being loved at the sanctuary is helping me get over that rejection. I am loved and get lots of treats.

Update: Millie has adapted very well to sanctuary life. She loves to sunbath and is often found in our safe area outside. She is a healthy girl and requires no medication. Turns out she is a very sweet girl who gets along with everyone. If anyone is interested in an older companion, this is the girl for you.

Update, May 2018: Millie is now a sanctuary baby and not adoptable. She went blind and did not adapt well. Soon after she developed symptoms that seemed to be neurologic. She was very stressed also. Eye pressures were high and treatment caused severe high blood pressure and stress. Decision was made to remove her eyes and the neurological symptoms disappeared. However, she is still on meds for high blood pressure and a heart murmur. Change would not be good for her.


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