Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary



Hi, I’m Hera, a sanctuary and now a hospice baby and the oldest in the house (even though I look younger than some of the real seniors). I can’t tell you how I came here. It breaks my heart to remember. You see, I almost died from neglect like so many of my friends did. Mom got there just in time to save my sickly self and I show my love and gratitude everyday. But I did keep some very bad habits to insure that mom would not try to find me another home. See, I am very happy here and want to live the short time of the rest of my life here. Mom says I have developed “C” that surrounds my heart (she doesn’t like to talk about it…makes her sad). Would you like to sponsor me?

Update: Hera is still here in sanctuary. Recent tests show that the tumor has had slight growth but enough to put pressure on her trachea. This causes coughing which we try to control with medicines. She is still happy and active but also sleeps a great deal.

Update, 2018: Hera is doing very poorly. She has multiple growths and her immune system is very depressed. She has also developed Cushing’s disease. We try to keep her stress free and comfortable and watch her closely.



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This entry was posted on January 1, 2016 by in Memorials.
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