Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary

Hunnie Update

Hunnie had two tumors checked out. I was not too concerned. As they age they get all sorts of lumps and bumps. She had mammary cancer in 2018 with successful surgery. Aspiration indicated she had cancer again. so surgery was performed and lumps were removed. She had a rough time post surgery. Her incisions were large and she had a pressure bandage that covered her whole middle. She was not eating, very inactive and just looked poorly. We manipulated meds until she finally seemed to feel better.

Pathology results showed she has a very rare form of mammary cancer that is very aggressive. Although the margins of the tumors were clear this form is very likely to invade the lymph nodes. We will follow up with an oncology consult at Medvet next week. I will not get too aggressive with her as she is 16 years old. But Kobe is doing so well with no apparent side effects from his chemo, I would give that a try if recommended.

This news has me very sad. I have tried for tears to get her adopted or move her to a foster home as she really deserves more one on one attention. For whatever reason I have been unsuccessful. Now she will never have her own personal person but will die having to share me! So sad!!!!!

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This entry was posted on June 5, 2021 by in General Updates.
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