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Introducing Cowboy! He is an elder, registered Yorkie…one more example to show that only “mutts” end up in a shelter. I am not sure of his background but it is obvious he was a neglect case. He was covered in fleas and matted badly over his whole body. And I am sure he was very scared. He never moved a muscle, only his eyes. The experience was like holding a stuffed animal. He went straight from the shelter to my vet. All I know at this point is that he is heartworm negative, has a history of seizures, has severe periodontal disease and needs a shave down. He stayed with my vet for evaluation and treatment. I will make updates as we know more.

Update 4/26/21:

Cowboy update:
Poor baby is still at Medvet. He’s had a rough time. Seizures have not yet been stabilized. All tests done at the Mandeville location have been negative. And we did every test possible from X-rays to sending blood off for check of exotic disease.
At this point the cause has to be a brain tumor or a spinal issue like meningitis. We will know more on Wednesday.
He was showing signs of brain swelling over the weekend and is now being treated with Mannitol. And his meds have been switched to a form that can be given at home. They want to keep him for a full 24 hours after last seizure. Well, he did so well yesterday that I was planning on bringing him home today. Then he had another this am just as doctor was getting ready to call me. So disappointing. I just want to hold him and love on him.
Some may question why I am doing all this. It’s hard not seeing him and I am sure it’s hard on him. And All this care and testing is very expensive. So consider…
He”s only 10 years old. He’s been “safe” and comfortable and loved in our care for only 6 weeks. He’s so sweet, trusting and adorable! Besides, when I take a baby into my care I promise to do all I can to give the optimum quality of life.
If he has a brain tumor we will try to keep him stabilized with meds and give lots of love until it seems best for him to give him his wings. If it is a spinal issue, well we can treat that and he can return to a pretty normal life. We need to have answers to make decisions best for him.

On 4/27, Cowboy gained his angel wings.

This is a huge loss to me and his foster Mom, Lynn. It’s hard to lose any of the babies but a case like this is devastating. You see, we have had him in our care for only about six weeks. But he was such a sweet, precious, special baby that we could not help but fall in love immediately and bond as if we’ve known him forever. For Cowboy, that time was way too short for him to experience love, comfort and security as he never had before.
He was rushed to my vet this past Thursday. By end of day I had transported him to MedVet. Since that day it has been a real rollercoaster. He would be critical then have a period of calm. On three different occasions I was expecting to bring him home. Then I’d get the call that he was very unstable again.
His seizure activity was just not being controlled. I authorized any test or treatment that might give us better answers…could he be successfully treated to have some quality of life. He was suppose to get an MRI and spinal tap tomorrow. But last night and early this am the seizures just continued even with the seizure meds, Mannitol, steroids and sedation. They finally started a propofol drip to keep him sedated. At that point we all agreed he should suffer no longer.
I want to thank the staff at the Mandeville location of MedVet. They were patient with my frequent calls and questions. And his attending vets, Drs. Upton, Blanche and especially Dr. Stroup were amazing. They keep me well informed of his status even calling at 1 or 2am on a few occasions and even when calls were lengthly due to all my questions.
I also want to acknowledge and thank Lynn. She was right with me for this whole painful process. And before that, before this last episode, she gave him more love and lap time than he’s probably had the rest of his life. Thank you, Lynn. I love and appreciate you.
RIP, sweet boy, until we meet again

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