Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


Peggy was an emergency rescue. She is an elder, scared to death baby. She was with her deceased human for 11 days before they were found! After being called I went to the shelter to pick her up. She was curled up against the wall under a Kurando bed, shaking like a leaf. We learned she had terrible eye infections, leaving her with one eye after her treatment. She is doing wonderful now–sweet Peggy is ready for her furever home!

Little Peggy gained her angel wings.
She came to us in August 2018 after she was found with her deceased owner. Peggy spent about 12 days alone, locked in a house with nothing but the corpse. She never recovered from that trauma and her grieving. In spite of all our efforts, she has lived in a self imposed isolation since then. She did not interact with any of the pups and was uncomfortable with human touch. She spent her time outside by herself or in her open crate. We tried holistic medicine in the form of essential oils, herbal therapy, and acupuncture. These sessions were not well received. She’s been a very poor eater from the beginning. I can’t cover all the things we tried to help her appetite.
We’ve noticed gradual behavioral changes over multiple months. It seemed to indicate a decline into dementia. She stopped going outside and spent all her time in her crate except to do her business. When she reached the point where she seemed confused as to how to get out of her crate, we decided it was time to release her from her misery.
As I held her in my arms I reminded her to look for her human and to find the joy she has been missing. I also told her of my pain that I could not seem to help her but still I was grateful for the time she spent with me.
RIP, sweet Peggy. I hope you find love and happiness and be free of your grief.

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