Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary

Faith (Twiggy)

IMG_3653.jpgI have a story to tell of a very precious soul….Twiggy and the village who tried to love and save her.

Twiggy was found alone on the streets of Mamou. She was totally emaciated, very weak, but had hope in her eyes. The good Samaritan lived very close to the director of the Mamou animal shelter and brought Twiggy to her. When she reached out to Terrie Dunlap, for help, Terrie spent hours getting transport, vetting, taking care of her for the night, and finding an experienced hospice foster. She also reached out to me and I accepted her.

Wednesday afternoon she was in the loving arms of her foster, Brenda Beck. Brenda immediately fell in love and named her Faith.

Faith was held in a soft blanket and heating pad, softly spoken to, showered in love, hand fed about every two hours throughout the night, and slept right next to Brenda. She was loved and surely felt it.

I must say that when I met her and held her I also fell in love but was heartbroken. The thought of this tiny and very emaciated little bundle of love being so neglected and abandoned was almost too much to imagine. Here she was resting in my arms so full of trust and love, very focused with eye to eye contact and giving kisses. At that moment I was so very grateful to everyone that assisted in her rescue…her village of love. I was full of gratitude, love and hope for her recovery. That was not to be…

I received a call from Brenda very early the next morning. She said that faith had several grand Mal seizures, back to back and was unresponsive. I rushed over and got her to MedVet. She was rushed back for immediate care. The vet said the cause was brain swelling and began immediate treatment. As we were discussing the plan for Faith the vet was called. Faith had gone into respiratory arrest and was intubated. Things went from bad to worse and she soon passed away from total arrest.

We had her safe for such a short time BUT DEEPLY FELL IN LOVE. I am grateful that I met her and had the privilege of sharing her story. This tiny little girl demonstrates the capacity for love and forgiveness that our canine companions possess. After being so neglected and being so totally failed by humans she was able to forgive, trust and love.
If only we humans could learn and accept these beautiful lessons that we are exposed to every day…
If only we humans possessed those amazing qualities…
If only we humans were more like our furry companions…

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