Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


Jack was part of a community outreach project. We were contacted for help with three little ones. They were very loved companion babies who’s family fell on hard times. All three had multiple medical needs which we tended to. Two were returned to the family along with our commitment to provide future needs as long as they were taken care of. But Jack had more problems than we felt the family could handle so he became one of our sanctuary babies.
Jack has a life long severe allergy problem. He required testing and is one a special diet. He also gets frequent fungal infections that affect his shin, eyes and ears. But the worse problem is his back. He has spondylosis and multiple fused discs that affects his back legs making walking difficult and painful. He is on a pain management program and doing much better.

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This entry was posted on June 19, 2018 by in Happy Tails.
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