Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


This beautiful baby found himself on death row. No one wanted him because of a terrible skin condition, an awful ear infection that was oozing green matter and infected eyes. He was also described as “grumpy” by the shelter. Turns out he must have been in great pain from his ears. Well, with proper and prolonged medical care, he has made a remarkable recovery. He now has the fullest and silky soft coat you can imagine. He’s a sweet boy who LOVES belly rubs. He rolls on his back to receive this most precious gift with simple eye contact. He is ready to find the love of his own family. He richly deserves it after all he has been through!

Paw found a new home, but unfortunately had to return to the sanctuary. He lived a very happy life, but one day became very ill and passed away. We miss him a lot!

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This entry was posted on June 17, 2018 by in Memorials.
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