Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary

WAFB sheds light on Precious Souls

It is often said some of the greatest moments in life come out of some of the darkest moments. That is certainly the case with a precious soul named Diania Laubacher.

Diania is now retired after some 40 years as a nurse anesthetist. When she lost her husband, she gave up the will to live.

“I just went into the horrible … I call it a black hole,” said Diania. “Nothing escapes from it. Nothing gets into it.”

“And, I was like that for five years. During those five years, I was like a zombie. The only thing that interested me was to die myself, so I could be with my husband. And, thank God for my faith that I was not proactive on that. But, I didn’t belong here. I wanted to be with my husband. And, I really think that God sent me these little babies that they’re the ones that brought me out of that depression, gave me a mission, gave me interest,” she added. See the full story and the extended version of the video at WAFB.


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