Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary

Mr. Big

Mr. Big

Hi, I know I need not tell you my name since you can see I am Mr. Big! My lack in size is made up 100 fold by my attitude. I AM a big guy! Can you believe that my human tied me up to a park bench and left me? Yes, true story. Humans watched me for a couple of days and finally someone called a person to come get me. That was a scary time. I was locked in a cage with several other dogs, some of them very big. I was rescued and now am a sanctuary dude who will never be scared again! I’m an old guy and starting to have some problems but I can still put all these youngsters in their place. I’ve been messed with and I won’t take it any more (besides, my mom is always there to protect me, but don’t tell anyone else…HEE HEE). Would you like to sponsor my care?

Update: Mr. Big recently went blind. He had a hard time adjusting to his new circumstances but finally made it through. He is doing well, especially for his advanced age.

Update, May 2018: A while back we all thought Mr. Big probably had a brain tumor. He had all the neurologic symptoms and seemed very stressed. Then he developed a serious eye condition. We ended up enucleating both eyes and realized that he must have been in great pain. He is back to his usual self and doing well. He is now the oldest baby in the house at 21 years old!


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