Precious Souls Canine Rescue and Sanctuary


This gorgeous creature was rescued with Penny during a terrible storm. He also had road rash and limped as if he’d been hit by a car. He seemed happy to have help and jumped right in the car (Penny is another story!). He was in awful shape…heart worm positive, lung flukes and so very thin. His owner was located and I found that he lived tied to a tree, was afraid of bad weather and often escaped during storms.The owner would not give him up but agree when he was offered money. This boy had a long road to recovery but was a total champ the whole way. I totally love this boy so you know he has an awesome home!

Update: King was returned to rescue due to change in owner’s circumstances. But he is a very lucky boy. He was a adopted by a veterinarian who has a great love for this breed. He now has a fur brother, an older fur guardian and a Mom who takes him to work every day!












This is an image of King on intake…

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